Young Hustler Coffee
Brand identity, Strategy
This case study is a rebrand that looked to target specific methods to increase this local coffee shop's reach. Our research discovered an inconsistency among their branding, as well as a lack of advertising. This project won 2nd place at the University of Houston's "Experience Valenti" Showcase in the Most Strategic category. Our target areas began with a rebrand. The next step was to elevate their social media presence through a clear narrative. Our final piece was to run advertising as a website banner on coffee related pages.
As above, and so below the logo needed to be cohesive. Their logo is significantly different on their web and social platforms. This has been amended through a tighter identity of form and color.
Cleaner packaging to extend the reach of the brand in a competitive market
We created an email advertisement to target existing customers by rewarding their loyalty               
The website advertisement  targets the company's audience through coffee related pages to increase traction           

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