Branding/Visual Identity is at the core of what I offer. I believe that a brand is about more than just an icon and colors. A brand must tell a convincing story showcasing why you speak to your audience. 
Advertising & Marketing design is important in driving traffic back to your brand. I offer copywriting services that can be used in various ways. Social media is a great option to display great copy with a one tone, one voice approach with beautiful graphics. I also make flyers for the print design aspect of marketing. 
Packaging is another service that I offer because of its importance to the brands. If it is a product that is being sold, then the way it looks must fit with the overall identity to let your customer understand who you are immediately.
Screen Printing creates high-quality work that allows for flexibility. My service includes, but is not limited to art prints and textile printing. This includes t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags. Contact me with details regarding your project to discuss pricing and shipping.
Illustrations can be my existing designs for sale, or made to order if requested.This is my most flexible service because my work calls for different techniques and methods to complete the projects.